Episodic Program

Accepted format: DD/MM/YYYY
Please include country code.
Demographic questions are optional and your responses will be kept strictly confidential. This data will be used for internal program evaluation related to our ongoing equity, inclusion and accountability work.
Applicant’s Race or Ethnic Origin (select all that apply) (optional)
Applicant’s Gender (optional)
Does the applicant identify as Transgender? (optional)
Applicant’s sexual orientation (optional)
Does the applicant identify as a person with a disability? (optional)
Maximum of 250 words (in English).
Cover letter

Please write a cover letter explaining how you would benefit from the program and what you are looking to accomplish (in English).

Maximum of 500 words.

Please write a personal analysis of an international TV series from the past 10 years, explaining why you would have liked to participate in the writing of the series (in English).

Maximum of 500 words.
Artistic Sample

Please provide a sample of your previous work as a writer, which may be:

  • a link to previous work such as a broadcast television series, a commissioned online drama series, a short film or a feature film. The link you provide should not exceed ten minutes total running time. In the event you submit something longer, it is not guaranteed that the review committee will watch beyond the first ten minutes.
  • OR
  • an extract from a play, novel or short story that has been published. The writing sample should be a minimum of 5 pages and not exceed 10 pages.

*The sample of links must have English subtitles and writing samples must be in English (an unofficial translation is accepted). For Greek applicants only, we accept the writing sample in its original version (in addition to the English translation).

Submissions must be in .pdf format.
(in English)